WIFI calling in INDIA

WIFI calling is setting a trend in India. The telecom giant Airtel and JIO had paddled up. Which facilitates and made WIFI calling in India possible. Airtel, therefore, had moved up its plan on a pan-India basis. WIFI calls, for now, is available on states. Such as Gujarat, Haryana, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, UP (East), and UP (West). Adding up to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Tamil Nadu. JIO also announces to make WIFI calling available all over India. JIO makes it available by using the existing JIO phones.

What is WIFI calling?

WIFI calling is a facility provided to the android and IOS smartphone users. It facilitates you to make or receive a call over a WIFI connection. WIFI calling in India could play a huge role. As most of the population is connected with the WIFI. So, you can now enjoy uninterrupted calls over a WIFI connection. The technology is new in the business. It would be very effective once it gets on board.

How do we get benefited?

The WIFI call benefited the country with a better network facility. However today there’s been a lot of network problems. WIFI calling service helps the users to track down the complications. For instance, if we are in a remote area. Where there is a significant network problem due to the lack of towers availability. We can be availed of the WIFI calling option. Besides, it will also help you with an undisturbed quality calling.

Benefits of WIFI calling

Listed benefits:

  1. Stable and clear calls.
  2. Therefore no limitations. You can make calls from any part of the country.
  3. Besides keeping you connected in case of network dark spots.
  4. Able to work therefore on any WIFI network.

How do a WIFI call works?

WIFI calls operate via a router, internet or WIFI. So, a basic question that clumps up our mind is that, “Whether the WIFI calls are safe or not”?  well, it is very simple to get intervene by a third party in case of a WIFI calling. But the precautions had been taken into consideration by the companies. As to make your communications secure. The telecoms upgraded the technology by encryption as they try to make a VPN (Virtual network connection). It forms a connection between your device and the operator’s server. 

Steps to a WIFI call:

  1. Enable VOWIFI facility in your devices. As a result, it provides and ensures the WIFI calling encrypted connection.
  2. Toggle your phone the same way you do to make a call.
  3. The first connection whether you call or receive will be established through your mobile network.
  4. Once the receiver had passed on the information. The WIFI connection will get established.
  5. Therefore, ENJOY undisturbed calling experience.


1. Firstly, there must be 10% network signal available to anticipate a WIFI calls.

2. Secondly, the WIFI calls don’t provide us with the facility of free calls. Therefore, the calls will be stipulated as per your designated plans.

If you are a ONE plus user just do the following to enable VOWIFI service:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RqGb3eV_Sw

One plus VOWIFI user setting
  1. Dial *#800# to enable WIFI call service.
  2. Go to the log kit in your mobile setting.
  3. Then there you will get a function switch.
  4. Drag down and you will get a VOWIFI switch tick the option there.
  5. Then reboot your device.
  6. Now switch to the settings and enable VOWIFI.
  7. And the One plus becomes activate. For the VOWIFI calling service.

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